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Google Adwords campaigns from Venture²Gain

Also known as 'Pay per Click Advertising'

As a small business or new start up, with so many forms of advertising out there, which one should you choose? You can spend a fortune advertising using various mediums, but are you getting a good return on your hard earned investment? 

If you already have a web site, chances are, there is probably already a small element of your total business that is generated from the web. With so many people using the web to source products and services, how can you get to them, how do you compete with much larger companies with teams of web developers to ensure that when people Google a product or service, their name is always on top ? Most small business owners are too busy to worry about how effective their web advertising is, or simply don’t have the know-how to undertake an online advertising campaign. Google ads on a search page

One solution is to set up a Google Adwords advertising campaign for your business, these are the sponsored links you see at the top of search pages when you ‘Google’ a product or service. They can help generate more traffic to your site resulting in more leads and enquiries which means more business for you. You set your own budget for how much you want to spend per day / month, so no nasty surprises when the bill comes.Google Adwords Logo

Even though your advert may appear on a page, if it is not clicked, it doesn’t cost you. So you only pay each time a user actually clicks on your advert, hence the term ‘pay per click advertising’ You can target specific areas of the country so your adverts are displayed in the areas that you cover, there’s no point in paying to advertise nationally when you only cover areas that fall within 50 miles of where you are based. This results in you being able to focus whatever budget you allocate, to the specific areas that you want your advertising to target. You can switch the campaign on and off at will depending on how busy you are, so if you have a flurry of work, you can suspend the advertising for a few weeks, then re-activate it very quickly and easily. Google adwords voucher offer

If you are interested in having an Adwords campaign tailored for your business, contact us to discuss the options that are available. To boot, we have a number of £75 Adwords vouchers to give out which help offset the cost of set up.     

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