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Training Services from Venture²Gain Business Solutions

Developing Training Programs
  • Training Needs Anaylsis - The first step to training is addressing what the skills or knowledge gaps are.We can assist in the development of tailored training needs analysis systems to address gaps in knowledge skills of individuals.
  • Competency Frameworks - Assist in the development of competency frame works that out line what the expectations of each job function are, and putting those expectations down on paper. This ensures that the person filling that role will have a structured framework of targets that they have either already met, or need to work toward.
  • Training Plans - Each business is different as each individual is different. People learn at different rates and each job function will have a list of functions that are vital, and others that are secondary. By assesing the needs of the business and the individual, we can assist in developing a structured plan for the timely delivery of training.
  • Training Material - Different business in the same sector can have real unique training requirements that require tailor made training material that focus on varying needs. We can assist in the development of bespoke training material to get the best out of your team, and fulfill the needs of your business.
  • Training Reviews - Training is not the be all and end all of a persons development. In an ever changing world, skills and knowledge need to adapt to the whats happening around the business. Developing effective reviews of training ensure that the above process are perpetual, and learning and development never really stop.

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