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Auditing and Audit Procedures
  • Audit Systems - Assist in the development of audits tailored to your business which can be operational, sales, Health & Safety, HR, etc. Audits provide a bench mark for you to measure your business by, and most importantly, give early indications of performance variances. Audits are a pro-active tool to maintain standards, and drive improvement in all aspects of any business.
  • Effective Auditing - Training in the carrying out of effective audits. Auditing is about being pro-active rather than re-active to daily issues within the business. Audits can vary in depth depending on their frequency, but most important must be regular, and consistant. Effective audits are about auditing systems and procedures rather than individuals.
  • Audit Follow ups - Ok, so the audit has been carried out, then what? We can assist you in understanding and analysing the results and taking an appropraite and measured response to the findings. The carrying out of the audit is just the beginning of a long improvement process.

Auditing and audit procedures