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IT Services from Venture²Gain Business Solutions

Computers are wonderful productive tools that make many business functions quick and easy. Their prolific use in businesses large and small highlights our dependance on them, but we do take them for granted. When a system goes down, the results for a small business can be at best a disruption, at worse, a disaster, with loss of vital data. The services offered below are for everyone, not just for those in business. If you are an individual with any of the needs below, contact us and we will be pleased to help. We will do our best to match the solution to your budget.

Software Support
  • Software - If your computer won't start, or it is running slowly, or keeps crashing, we can help. We can clean viruses and ensure that your system is protecteded. If need be, we can do a full re-installation of the operating system, although drastic, this is sometimes the best course of action depending on the problem.
  • Software Installation - Installation of software on a single computer or on multiple computers over a network.
  • Sage Line 50 Software Training - Introductory courses available for Sage Line 50 accounts. If you are starting out with Sage Line 50 Accounts and need setup, training or custom report development we can help.
  • Microsoft Office Training - The Microsoft Office range of products are a great productivity tool in even the smallest of businesses. If you have a need for training in any of the elements of MS Office (e.g. Word, Excell, Access etc), whether you are in business, or a home user, we can offer 1 to 1 training or training in small groups at begginer, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Software Support