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Business Services from Venture²Gain Business Solutions

Sales and Business Development
  • Sales plans and strategies - By helping you develop formal strategies and procedures for; sales plans, sales areas, advertising and marketing, quoting spreadsheets, brochure and promotional designs, flyer design & distribution.
  • Sales Reporting & Charting - A picture tells a thousand words, and this is especially true with nubers. Graphing and charting financial trends within your business is an easy way to spot abnormalities in data, and to identify trends of peaks and troughs. If you are not sure how, or where to start, then we can set these up for you, and show you how to update, and monitor them on an ongoing basis.
  • Profitability - Work with you on increasing profitability by looking at cost reduction ideas. Developing training systems for frontline sales staff, encompassing margin and mark up calculations, as well as setting clear guidelines for what business is worth pursuing, and what is worth walking away from.
  • Customer Service - Developing systems and procedures for customer visits, evaluating customer feedback and effective dispute resolution.
  • Credit control - Ensuring you have effective credit control procedure in place realting to credit terms, credit agreements, reminder letters, revenue protection.

Sales and Business Development