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Purchasing and Inventory Control
  • Purchasing - Help you identify areas where reductions in purchasing costs can be made by sourcing alternative suppliers, and negotiating with existing suppliers.
  • Supplier Evaluation - Effectively evaluating a supplier by looking at all cost elements (including time !!) and not just raw price points, to ensure that you're getting the best value, and not just the best price.
  • Quality Control - Design and implement systems to check for quality issues regarding deliveries, and effective solutions for handling such situations.
  • Inventory Control - Work with you to develop systems and procedures to minimise cost from inventory loss, whether that be due to short deliveries, booking in errors, quality control or theft.
  • Booking in Procedures - Design and implement systems to ensure that goods are accounted for, checked and booked into stock promptly.
  • Re-order levels and re-order quantities - Design systems to monitor sales trends to ensure accurate setting of re-order levels, and re-order quantities.

Purchasing and stock control