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KPI's and Incentives
  • KPI's - Work with you to identify key performance indicators for your business, and set up systems to perpetually monitor them to ensure that they are being met (e.g. Sales, Stock, Credit control, Absence etc).
  • KPI Monitoring - Set up systems to perpetually monitor KPI's, prompting quick response in the event that key tardgets are not being met.
  • Incentives - Job satisfaction, promotion and a sense of achievent, are great incentives for employees to work to the best of their ability, but lets face it, financial reward is the reason that most people go to work. We can help you develop performance related bonus schemes for staff that will hopefully give them the hunger to achieve above and beyond what they normally would.
  • 1 to 1 Performance reviews - Development and implementation of a formal 1 to 1 review system is vital to ensure that members of your team are always focused on what is important in driving the business forward. Many employees work exceptionally hard, but achieve little due to focus being in the wrong areas. These reviews monitor progress on key performance indicators that each team member has been set.

kpi and incentives