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HR Procedures
  • Competency based Interview & Recruitment - Help and advice on Posting vacancies, developing tailored application forms, interview techniques, candidate scoring techniques. The development and maintenance of induction procedures, staff contracts, staff appraisal. Ensuring that the personnel that are employed fulfill minimum competency requirements.
  • Company Policies - Help and advice on developing a wide range of policies such as Health & Safety, Discipline and Grievance, Company cars, Drugs and alcohol, etc.
  • Company Handbooks - Development and implementation of company hand books relating to employment and Health & Safety amongst others.
  • Meetings - Developing a schedule for regular, minuted group meetings with key personnel are important so that the business as a whole can assess where it is, compared to where it needs to be, and what each individual member needs to do to play their part in achieving results. Dependent on your business, this may be weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • Competency based 1 to 1 Performance reviews - Development and implementation of a formal 1 to 1 review system is vital to ensure that members of your team are always focused on what is important in driving the business forward. Many employees work exceptionally hard, but achieve little due to focus being in the wrong areas. These reviews are to encourage and coach to ensure that you are getting maximum effort in areas where it is needed. They also ensure that key competencies are fulfilled and maintained on an ongoing basis.

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