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 Business Training
  • Training Needs Analysis - Development of systems and procedures to enable you to identify areas for improvement for each member of the team.
  • Competency Frameworks - Develop matrix frameworks that identify requirements for job functions, then measure members of the team against those gaps to highlight traing needs.
  • Training Material - Good quality, clear and concise training material that is kept up to date is vital to ensure that your business, and the people within it continue to thrive. We can assist in the development, delivery an assesment of training material, ensuring that there is a structured timescale for delivery.
  • Microsoft Office Products - Most people at some time or other will have the need to use Microsoft software within the work environment, if you have members of your existing team, or new employees that are not very familiar with these products, the thought alone can be daunting. We can provide training on a wide range of Microsoft products either on 1 to 1 basis, or in a small group.
  • Time Management - Effective time management is critical to maximising what is achieved in any given amount of time. We've all heard about busy fools, and we all assume that what we are working on is important. Important it may be, but is it the priority at that given time? Learning skills that will enable team members to identify ever changing priorities can help relieve the pressure and stress of feeling overwhelmed by time contraints.

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